Go To Sleep

by Radiohead

(2003) Parlaphone

URL http://www.radiohead.com
Description A 3-track single that varies as much as the album its from.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Experimental
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On 1/14/2004, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
This three track single is something I found at a local wall mart. Its very good, though, and for a cheap 5 dollar price. The single is Go To Sleep...I think they released it in August, and its the second single (the first was the excellent There There, and recently they released the equally good 2+2=5, but I cant find it anywhere) from their terrific album "Hail to the thief". This single, out of all the others I have heard, is an interesting one. It was go to sleep, the album version, then two B-sides. One of them is acoustic, the other is....well, Radiohead. First, let me talk about Go To sleep. While it is an excellent song (it makes me dance when I saw it live), I think they cut it a bit too short. at least for me. I dont mean it should have gone for five more minutes, but that jamming part at the end was so GOOD...with Jonny making all those wierd noises and the band just jamming along..brilliant, just brilliant.....it should have gone at least almost a minute longer....and stoped, like they do live....not fade away (soemthing I think should be illegal on records, do you hate it when songs fade like that?). But thats just my personal opinion, radiohead does music the way they want too, and no one should judge them for that. Now Gagging Order, the second track. Apparently this song has been tossed around and never had the light of day the same way True Love Waits did.....I am so glad it has finally been given its due. It sounds like the most beautiful acoustic song you've ever heard, with the guitars being picked by fingers, and Thom having this mellow voice that sounds like he just woke up from a great dream about peace on earth, and he's smelling the warm cup of tea or coffee in front of him, and your both in pjs. "move along...theirs nothing left to see" the chorus tells you, and he sings it with such mellowness its like he doesn't mean it, but actually he's saying it through someone else. This song would be perfect on any album they'd release, it has potential. Its sad that it is stuck only as a B-side. the third song, "I am A Wicked Child", is so interestingly new to me. They produced it themselves, so it doesn't quite sound like a typcal Radiohead song. The drums sound like they're muffled, they dont really have a loud volume but instead a dull thump (which doesn't ruin the song at all..it actually fits perfectly), and for the first time ever in a Radiohead song, theirs a harmonica....I think its by Jonny (most likely), who just blazes away on it by going around the music, not into it. Which makes it more of a radiohead signature than the rest of the song, with Thom singing the song very low, and his guitar somewhat in the core of the song, but not quite there. But like I said, none of this damages the song whatsoever, but actually strengthens it, gives it a vibe. Theirs a bit of echo added to the track, giving it this vibe like its fading in and out of our ears....falling through holes.
All in all I think this is worth the 5 bucks. The three tracks work together (somehow), I just wish there was one or more songs on it. Maybe one track of their dj-ish electronic stuff, and that would cover almost all of Radioheads sound. Which I think lately is just becoming more and more diverse as they continue to grow. and as this single proves, their fans will grow with them.