Live Without A Net

by Van Halen

(1986) Warner Brothers

Description This is Van Halens first full length concert video. All of these guys are plastered, but they still play awesome. Eddie(guitar), Alex(drums), and Michael(bass) all have a featured solo.
Posted By Matthew Laham (4396)
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On 12/13/2004, John Rich (3189) posted:
Overall Rating:
My jaw-dropped yesterday night when I purchased the Van Halen DVD "Live Without A Net." My jaw didn't drop to the songs, but to Eddie's solo guitar performance that seemed to last I mean that alone was a guitar lesson for anyone who likes Eddie. He was absolutely scorching! He went through all the techniques that we know Eddie to do like finger tapping melodies, slap/chime/harp harmonics, whammy bar manipulations, super fast alternate picked scale runs, etc. Anyway, he blew my mind! What was awesome was he did "Cathedral," which involves volume swelled notes and a very cool melody exercise.

I never thought Eddie was this good. I'm a fan of guitarists like Eric Johnson, Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny, Steve Morse, and now more than ever, Eddie Van Halen. I can see why he was such an influence to guitarists in the late 70s and 80s, because he was doing things that nobody ever heard. Except maybe the harp harmonic technique Lenny Breau was a master of that technique. He totally changed the face of guitar and after seeing that solo performance of his, I can certainly see why. In my opinion and my Dad's, he is WAY better than Vai. I mean when you think about it, Steve Vai is just a clone of Eddie. He's like an Eddie souped up on

Anyone who's not seen this. You should check it out not only for its historical purposes, but for classic Eddie Van Halen shred!
On 1/11/2004, Matthew Laham (4396) posted:
Overall Rating:
WOW. My favorite guitarist in the world ON VIDEO! In Eddies solo he employs every trick he's got and then some. It left me in complete awe. But at one point Eddie does this little trick but the camera just cuts it off. But it was still a phenomenal show. They were all plastered. Any self respecting Van Halen fan should get this video