Ibanez GRX-170

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description Ibanez guitar that is very cool to look at with one volume knob, one tone knob, and a five way selector switch. Also a tremelo system.
Posted By Joe Innes (9)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 1/10/2004, Joe Innes (9) posted:
Overall Rating:
It is a brilliant guitar, and I have enjoyed playing it very much. I looked also at Squier strats, teles, and a variety of other guitars including Yamahas and Epiphones, due to their prices, but this was by far the best. If this guitar were stolen, yes, I would definitely replace it, because it is great to look at and play, and on top of that, it's not too common.
Where Obtained: Guitar And Keyboards UK
I have a black version of this guitar, although it also comes in blue, purple and grey. 2 Knobs, one five way selector for a HSH set up, and also a tremelo system. The only problem with it is there is no pickguard.
My guitar came set up with great action, and the neck ssems to be very well made. It can easily outplay a Squier Strat (about the same price). It's good in overdrive but has sustain not so good, and a few other problems clean.
Sound Quality:
I use the Marshall MG10CD (which is a very good budget practice amp), and I play all sorts, mainly rock and punk rock though. It seems to be pretty good all round. The pickup set-up allows the guitar to have a deep full sound at the bridge humbucker, a nice warm sound midway between the back and middle, the middle has a good, although perhaps a little shallow sound, ranging to very clear sounds at the front. It does have problems with electric currents from lights and PC monitors, and buzzes, and so I am considering getting it shielded.
As far as I can tell, its a solid guitar with very few durability problems... although the lack of a pick-guard means that there are little scratches all over mine!