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Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by JB Player

Description 22-fret, single tone & volume controls with 5-stage selector switch, and neck, middlle and bridge chrome blues pick-ups
Posted By Dale Bell (27)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 1/10/2004, Dale Bell (27) posted:
Overall Rating:
I thought I was getting a good guitar for my money, but being a second I believe there were more problems with it when I bought it than I thought. I don't believe I'll buy another one and may eventually trade it in. The best thing about this guitar is that it does sound good playing a soft, passive melody, but is not suited for anything more aggressive.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $400.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Local music store
Made in Korea 22 frets. 6-string single tone and volume 3 pick-ups S/S/S blues style red finish single cut-away string-thru body non-locking (don't know brand)
Intonation of the A-string always has to be adjusted slight fret-buzz on the bass E-string frets great, but can't get the proper tone was bought new as a second
Sound Quality:
Peavy 2-12 combo tube amp with 3-way EQ, rate, depth and reverb I play gospel and pop Christian and it fits the pop better than the gospel but is well-suited for blues, yet can't seem to properly correlate the bass, mid and tenor ranges. Considering a pick-up replacement. Not a noisy guitar and better suited for stage than studio.
I play it every week live for about two hours and I believe the neck needs adjusting. Intonation is a problem only with the A-string, especially when it's raining outside.