Elements Pt.1

by Stratovarius

(2003) Nuclear Blast

Description A phenomenal album from the Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. There are nine songs on this album, all of which are amazing. All the songs are written by the bands guitarist Timo Tolkki.
Posted By Matthew Laham (4396)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 1/8/2004, Bernardo Pires (4599) posted:
Overall Rating:
Nice album. Very good production, tones and compositions. Nice mix of tunes. If you like melodic metal, check it out.
On 1/7/2004, Matthew Laham (4396) posted:
Overall Rating:
It was my introduction to Stratovarius, and I'm glad we met. This is an awesome album. The vocals are really cool, but the real thrill is the guitar work. I was blown away. I recommend this album to any metal fan.