B.C. Rich 22401052

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by B.C. Rich

Description In a sharp ended V shape, glossy black with bad-ass metal tribal graphics just like the tribal tattoos on Kerry King of Slayerr(duh its his signature guitar).
Posted By Sam Thiebaud (10)
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On 1/7/2004, Sam Thiebaud (10) posted:
Overall Rating:
If this guitar was lost or stolen i would definitely buy another. Im considering buying another one just like it to put in Drop C for live playing because i like to stick with the same style of guitar for the duration of the show, sudden changes in weight and neck style are awkward for me at this phase in my musical development. Departing notes: its a little heavy, but its a kick arse metal guitar fo sho.
Price: $299.99 (new)
Where Obtained: MusiciansFriend.com
Body material:Basswood Neck material:Hard maple Fretboard wood:Rosewood Frets:24(jumbo) Strings:6 Controls:3 way selector switch,3 knobs(2 volume,1 tone) Pickups:2 BCR special design humbuckers Pickup setup:H/H Finish:Black glossy i guess Body style:Sharp pointed V Bridge style:Tune-O-Matic Tuners:Black,diecast sealed BC RICH Scale.25.5"
Very good action, may need about a half millimeter or millimeter of lowering depending on your personal preferences. The back of the neck is smooth and not chunky at all and the fretboard is rather fast. The upper frets (15-24) still let your strings maintain a good punchy sound, so you wont get a weak solo sound when you go to the upper frets. The only flaws i can see is the way the ends of the V can be easily chipped, because this is a large guitar and a little uncomfortable to sit with. It plays better than alot of guitars I've tried, even a Les Paul!
Sound Quality:
Recommended Amps: Definitely a high-gain Marshall(JCM 900,etc.), or a high-gain Carvin stack. An EQ box would probably be a good addition to your effects setup. Styles:Metal is my primary style of music and is pretty much obviously the style this guitar is meant for.However, you can also play neo-classical shred, blues, death metal, and hard rock. Sound:The bridge pickup delivers a crunchy clean sound, but when coupled with good distortion it is loud and full. But not noisy, the pickups give no hum at all. The neck pickup has just as much distortion as the bridge, but a warmer sound to it, suited best for blues and metal.It is much heavier than my Squire 2 strat, soundwise, and weight wise. But my old Airline strat has an extremely much warmer sound to it. Mods: Whats a mod?
There are no strap locks and it fares well during climeate changes, but everything is holding up well and as far as adjustment it hardly ever needs it.