Elixir Vitae'

by Low Flying Owls

(2003) Stinkey

Personnel Jared Southard, Andy Wagner, Sam Coe, Mike Bruce Matt Guyton
Description A lot more of a rock album compared to their last, but nontheless really beautiful and terrific-a must buy.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Experimental
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Member Reviews

On 1/3/2004, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
Their last album was more about spacious landscapes and melodic sound. This album is more about being loud and insane. But yet still the same band. Their hardest songs dont even sound recognizable to Nirvana, instead more like Pink Floyd or the velvet underground. Which doesn't hurt the music at all, or the fact that this band is different from many others. Swinging Sam has a beat to it that you can dance too, with a wierd huming bass noise. Beaches of Tomorrow is very dark and melodic, with a beautiful cello (I love the chello) in the background. The song is very serious, unlike several other songs that sound a bit like Syd Barrett-ish. "Georgie Shot Jonnie" is definetly the highlight of the disc. Even though all the tracks are good, this one takes the cake. Put together by the rumor that George Bush senior wanted John Lennon killed, the song is basically a fictional (or is it?...)adaption of what happened, with a somewhat Beatles-ish keyboard sound and a slow beat that definetly catches the ears, even when it doesn't have distortion or is really loud. This band is terrific. It has a lead singer that can sing and has a style that is much to his own. comparisons can be made to The Vines, but this band is much less pop, and much less modern. But yet they dont sound old and overused, boring music, instead very new and somewhat a new take on the old experimental dark/melodic psychedelia that the Velvets started. This band is definetly going to get big someday, and influence a lot of musicians. They are already creating a buzz, and have a following of fans. This album.....just go out and buy it. if you cant find it anywhere, buy it online for whatever price. Believe me, you wont be dissapointed.

track listing:

Glad to Be Alive Swingin Sam Looks of A Killer Strange Connection Babies Made What my friends say Beaches Of Tomorrow Georgie Shot Johnnie Mama Said The Last Day On The Planet