Emedia Music Corp EMedia Guitar Method 1

Emedia Music Corp

Version 2.0
Platforms Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP, Mac OS 7.5.3 Or Greater
URL http://emediamusic.com
Description Learn the basics from the comfort of your own home. Over one hundred lesson ranging from stringing and tuning the guitar, to playing chords and melodies, to reading tablature and standard notation. Complete with video and audio commentary.
Posted By Kit Williams (168)
Directory Software: Instructional
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Member Reviews

On 1/23/2004, William Scarbrough (2576) posted:
Overall Rating:
I've become a much better player simply because it allows me to learn exactly what I want. I don't need to be overburdened by theories, scales, modes, etc. While these things do make you a better player they aren't necessary to learn 'A' song or two. I'd highly recommend this program especially if your thinking of taking lessons later by a teacher. It will put you weeks or months ahead of where you would be just walking in for the first time. I've never had the program crash or cause software conflicts either. Provides a wide spectrum of songs for various playing levels so everyone has somethig to gain from it. My only complaint is I'd like to see a website for updates or more lessons. Like any type of learning curve, you'll only get out of it what you put into it. This program puts learning the guitar into a format which most online teachers/websites and books do not do. It's paced exactly as it should be from beginnign to end and they've since introduced more styles (blues) and added more songs. The newer version is even more user friendly than the original (which I have).
Price: $49.95 (new)
Where Obtained: Bender Music Elkton,MD
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
Runs on most windows platforms and I believe there is a Mac version as well. Very easy to use and really put together for the beginner in mind. The further you go into the lessons the more familiar you will become with your guitar in general. Even if you don't read music you can learn how to play guitar with this program. If you want to advance yourself further though it will also show you how to begin reading music and timing yourself (metronome). Wish they had a website to do more updates to the software.
Ease of Use:
Loads without hesitation and very simple to go through the lessons without being a computer genius. The learning curve for any instrument without prior introduction is high but this program takes learning the guitar down to it's simplest form without being condescending to the student. A wide variety of music selections are included that you can learn to play within a matter of a few weeks. Compared to some of the 'online' courses and teachers that guarantee to have you playing your favorite tune in a month or less (if you practice every single day maybe), this program allows you to move through at your own pace without any hinderance. Even if your only mildly self-motivated you'll gain more from this program than any online course I've bought or seen yet.
On 1/2/2004, Kit Williams (168) posted:
Overall Rating:
I started playing guitar a week ago not knowing a thing about the instrument. After using the software for seven or eight days, I can already play several chords and accompany myself to simple tunes like Silent Night. My only complaint is that those unfamiler with standard notation might find references to such things as measures and time signatures confusing, although there are lessons on how to read standard notation in the last section.
Suitable for beginner guitarists
Digital metronome and tuner
Animated fretboard
Chord dictionary
Digital recorder

Everything you need to get started!
Ease of Use:
The software is easy to install and to use, and the lessons are very easy to understand and to follow. Some features do need the latest version of Quicktime, so be sure you install that as well (if you don't already have it).