John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers And Friends 70th Birthday Concert

by John Mayall The Bluesbreakers

(2003) Eagle Records #ER-20017-2

Personnel John Mayall:Guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals. Buddy Whittington:guitar & vocals. Joe Vuele:Drums, Hank Van Sickle:Bass, Tom Canning:Organ & piano. Special guest artists: Eric Clapton: guitar, Mick Taylor:guitar and CHris Barber:trombone.
Description This was a special 70th birthday concert for John Mayall and a reunion concert for the Bluesbreakers. Mick Taylor & Eric Clapton join in on a few songs. A very good double CD for a person just strating into the blues.
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Directory Recordings: Blues
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Member Reviews

On 3/31/2006, Martin Priller (574) posted:
Overall Rating:
A nice tribute to the father of british blues.His band backs him very tightly and his guitarist Buddy Whittington can throw down well especially when he trades with Mick Taylor on "Oh Pretty Woman" and on "Have You Heard" with Clapton.And Mayall's former guitarists do not disappoint in this show.Mick Taylor plays some mean slide and gets down on his les paul on "Walking On Sunset" and gets jazzy on "California" which is only on the cd not the dvd.And Clapton...what else can you say? He turns out a great spot dueting with Mayall at 1st and especially plays a great rendition of "Hideaway" and a blistering solo on "Have You Heard". All in all a great show,shame Peter Green could not participate in this tribute,it would have been nice.But get the DVD it has a bonus cd that has 2 or 3 songs tha are not on the dvd.Go check it out!!!!!!
On 12/28/2003, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I can't compare this to any other Mayall recordings since I have never had any of his early stuff. I got this by mistake as a Christmas gift. But it turns out to be the suprise best gift of the year!!

Could have been a bit better by having Clapton & Mayall play more with the band and not a long duet for Claptons first song. Other than that, it's really a well done CD.

Favorite aspect is the overall mix allows you to hear the guitars right up front. Whittingtons playing is excellent and the tones of his Strat are clear. Taylor comes on with a Les Paul and you can really hear the tonal differences. Same with Clapton & his Strat. Nicely mixed CD all the way through.

"Is there great guitar playing on it?" Oh Yeh! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a good intro into the basic blues guitar and blues music in general.