Behringer Ultratwin GX210

60W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Behringer

Description Stereo 30 Watt, 2x10 combo amp. 31 digital effects with 99 presets.
Posted By Greg Johnson (2721)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 12/27/2003, Greg Johnson (2721) posted:
Overall Rating:
I chose this amp mainly because of the prices, but the features really got me hooked. I can save a ton in stompboxes. The only thing that could really be better would be to have an option to couple effects. Other than that, if it were stolen, I would buy a new one.
Model Year: 2003
Price: $199.00 (new)
Where Obtained: World Music Supply
Stereo. digital effects processor with 99 presets and adjustable perameters. Two channels, with independent effects loops. 2x10, stereo 30 Watts. can get fairly loud, but not for more than a smallish gig. One 3-band EQ used for both channels. Great for practice and smallish gigs. Original Jensen speakers. There are many inputs/outputs on the back, including but not limited to: direct out, outboard effects in/out, tape ins/outs. Using the direct out, you can hook it directly to a recording device or to a sound system, allowing it to be used for larger gigs.
Sound Quality:
I play an Epiphone Les Paul Special II through an Arion Metal Master distortion into the amp. With this config, I can get great metal tones. The amp distortion alone is not for anything above, say, classic rock. Great for blues. The clean channel is amazing. It distorts slightly when you crank it up high, but at reasonable ranges--awesome tone. Crisp and clean. Very easy to tweak with the EQ and effects. With the dist. pedal cranked, it can get a bit noisy, and at times on the overdrive channel, but the clean is clean!
Ease of Use:
You can get a good sound without much fiddling, but there is plenty to tweak. Each preset has adjustable perameters. The EQ is fairly versatile. Clear manual--I was up and running in a few minutes.
This amp is solid! The only thing to watch is the knobs, which are not unbrakeable, and the open back, which leaves the speakers vulnerable. Other than that, it can take some abuse. Metal reinforced corners, and solid wood casing.