Monterey Telecaster Monterey

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Monterey Telecaster

Description The guiter is a 60,s telecaster shaped model. it is a dark almost maroon colour with a white border round the body.
Posted By Mike Smith (9737)
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On 12/25/2003, Mike Smith (9737) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have always liked the telecaster shape and sound. i bought a squire tele but when i got it home the volume controls were bent. the only other tele shape in my budget was the monterey. although it was a bit more expensive, after 5 minutes i just said yes thats the one. i also tried an early 60,s tele, my dream machine, but it was too expensive for me. the only negative is the tuners, i find them hard to use but they do lock the strings well. being a new australian company i think they have got the model right. the looks and playability are first class. if i were to lose this guitar i would not hesitate to get another. if you get chance play one you will be suprised.
Where Obtained: better music
I believe these guitars are made in korea but i am not really. i know very little about them as they are a fairly new company in australia. the model i got is based on a 60.s telecaster. the only way to tell the difrence between the two is word monterey where telecaster would be. the sound is virtually identical. i will update this report as i get more info.
I cant speak highly enough about the sound and feel of yhis guitar. it is hard to explain to more experienced players but this feels the best i played over the years. i can bend it i can slide it you have to see it to believe me. more to follow
Sound Quality:
I use a peavey rage 108 in my garage through a digitech mp50. i play a blues style and the sound i get from this setup is better than i expected. i tried a squire tele and this model killed it for sound and feel, but i can still get that honky tonk feel with it. i also tried an early model tele, although this was the best, i found the monterey almost as good.
Only had it for a few days but it feels solid. it has clouson tuners and i found these hard at first to restring, but they do seem to really hold the tune. i put a set of daddario xl 120,s on and the tuning hasnt been touched in the last 5 days.