Squire Affinity Fat Strat

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Squire

Description This is you basic guitar it has a large headstock and a wammy bar
Posted By Brad Carlson (142)
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On 12/23/2003, Brad Carlson (142) posted:
Overall Rating:
Not bad but I think if I had to pick out a new guitar I think I would avoid Squire
Model Year: 2003
Price: $169.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Music 123
This guitar was made in Japan it has a maple neck and body with a rosewood finger board it only has 21 frets there are 2 tone controls and a volume control along with a pickup selector there are two single coil pickups and one humbuckler pickup the pickup configuration is S/S/H
The only problem I have had with this guitar is that the wammy bar striped out and can no longer be used I have tried to buy a new one but it is very hard to find parts for Squire Guitars and the price of it was almost a much as the guitar