Tascam CD-GT1

Made by Tascam

Description Portable CD Guitar Trainer: Plays CDs with ability to slow down the song to half speed without changing pitch. Also, has effects and guitar or vocal input so you can play along. Direct out for hook up to a PA or headphone output.
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On 12/15/2003, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Really couldn't find a whole lot of items in this category. I chose this because of its abilities and cost. Sell price was $130 with $10 shipping.

Favorite aspects are the slow down capability and the direct input of a guitar.

Seems relatively easy to operate even though the manual could be just a bit improved.
Price: $140.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Music Alley, Birmingham, AL. via Ebay
Ability to slow down songs without changing pitch. Built in effects for direct input of guitar. Used at home for training & learning new material. Good practice tool as you can play along with material your learning. I can't think of anything more it needs, other than a bit better written instruction manual.
As for durability? I haven't had it more than a few days. I sometimes take a tape player or CD player on business trips to practice with, but I haven't had the opportunity yet to try this on the road. It appears to be well built. Time will tell, but from what other people have told me, TASCAM has made some dependable stuff.