Grado SR60 Headphones

Made by Grado

Description According to other audiophile site reviews, these are best value for high-performance headphones. Purchased to use with practice amp in apartment. Cheap earphones sounded horrible.
Posted By Donny Shuler (324)
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On 12/13/2003, Donny Shuler (324) posted:
Overall Rating:
It is almost unfair to give these an average rating because they sound so good with the CD and MP3 players, but this is a rating of their performance with a guitar amp. They are a great improvement over a set of cheapies that come with a Sony Walman CD player, but they're not designed for a guitar amp.
Price: $53.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Internet
Sound great with a CD player or MP3 player, but not as good on the practice amp. I was expecting clean sounds at high levels, but the sounds get distorted pretty easily. They don't seem to handle the lows very well. The next step up from these (SR80's) are supposedly built to give better lows, but at $20-30 more. Too much for me. These are great for a portable music player, but I don't believe they were designed to handle the driving power of a guitar amp. Maybe something with higher impedence would be better?(Just a guess). I rate these average for use with a guitar amp. Excellent-5 for portable music players.
Solid construction. Heavy-duty cords. About 8 feet long. These will last a long time.