Guitar Lick Factory

by Jesse Gress

(2003) Backbeat

Description Blues, Jazz, Rock Licks.
Posted By George Guevara (597)
Directory Books/Tab: Rock/Pop
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On 12/8/2003, George Guevara (597) posted:
Overall Rating:
I really like books that supply you with bits and pieces that you can play around with. This is one of them. Each lick is shown in all positions, with variations, and with a box that gives a few harmonic applications for that lick. I counted well over 500 total licks. At the bottom of each page there's a bar that show's the total rhythmic permutations for that type of lick (sorted by how many notes). The book also encourages tonal permutations for each lick, as well. For these reasons, this book has the potential to keep you playing and playing for hours.
Suitable for advanced guitarists