Crate GX 212

120W Combo

Made by Crate

Description A semi-pro 3 channel combo amp with spring reverb lots of wattage for metal!!!
Posted By Jose Barrientos (16)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 12/6/2003, Jose Barrientos (16) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great for intermediate musicians, great for small and big gigs, and the sound outdoors its awesome!!!
Price: $2980.00 Quetzales, Guatemala (new)
Where Obtained: Preludio Musical
Great sounding at the begining was boomy but with some experience with it you can define what you want!! solid state 3 channel, 1 crunch 1 lead and clean channel with spring reverb, a 3 button footswitch, with optional caster placement.
Sound Quality:
Like i said the boominess at first can be arrange with some experience with the amp the clean channel is crystal clear, the crunch channel good for rythm parts and lead channel rocks!!! it has a shape knob to manage the mids great for solos and stuff
Ease of Use:
Its pretty simple to use but you have to be careful with spring reverb when you move the amp and the amp weights 50 lbs.
Like a rock with soft places (the reverb)