Year Of The Blues 2003

Description Man this site is great if you want to know the history of the Blues. They have a radio series on radio.(check your local listings). However you can hear the whole series right on the web site with real player.
Posted By Dexter Johnson (5132)
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On 2/26/2004, Jango Parsons (413) posted:
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This is truly a FINE site!

On 12/20/2003, Bernardo Pires (4599) posted:
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Great Blues Site. Nice information about blues and there's a cool feature named "Blues Riff of the Month". Check it out.
On 12/7/2003, Brenden Cline (8) posted:
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This is a great website with exclusive interviews from the likes of robert plant, eric clapton, and many other musicians influenced by blues. it also has lessons provided by fender and authors of blues books or something. plus, if you werent around in the sixties when blues was becoming mainstream, youll get insight as to what it was like and the effect on society, etc. a must visit if you are interested in blues.
On 12/2/2003, Dexter Johnson (5132) posted:
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This is a great radio series on the web. I like it because if I miss the radio broadcast on Tuesdays in my area. I can just go to the site and hear the whole broadcast. This is a good history lesson on the Blues and Keb Mo narrates it. If you love Blues you have to hear this. If you love Rock you have to hear where it comes from. You may be surprised to learn that "Blues are the roots and every thing else are the fruits".