Godin Acousticaster 12

Electric 12-String Guitar

Made by Godin

Description Later models are referred to as the "A-12". This is a Telecaster shaped thin bodied 12 string with an L.R. Baggs pre-amp and 3 band equalizer.
Posted By Morten Andersen (579)
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On 11/28/2003, Morten Andersen (579) posted:
Overall Rating:
I checked out Ovation, Applause, Takamine, Yamaha.... all of the better brands but I wanted more than that. The Godin A-12 Acousticaster offers terrific versatility in a light-weight package. You can spend more on a Taylor or Guild but you'll not find a better sound at this price.
Model Year: 1995
Price: $500.00
Where Obtained: Private Sale
Made in Canada. At first glance the body appears to be solid but it has two sound chambers amplified by the L.R. Baggs pre-amp/equalizer and gain. All controls are sliders powered by 2 9-volt batteries within the sound chamber. This one is a natural finish with maple body and solid cedar top. The neck is rock maple with a rosewood fretboard. So is it an electric with acoustic chambers or a thin bodied acoustic that been amplified? Good question. Well there's no mistaking the sound when plugged in.
The neck is smooooooth..... and with the single cutaway, you can easily reach the 18th fret without buzz or distortion. Low action. The guitar is remarkably light. The thin body (2") means you don't have to strain to see what you're doing (if you are sporting a beer belly)!
Sound Quality:
I was looking for the Roger McGuinn Rickenbacker sound and think that I have found it with my Peavey Bandit 112 with Scorpion speaker. Better still, I can make it sound just like an acoustic 12 string without the problem of feedback associated with full-bodied 12 string acoustics. From rich warm tones to crispy all controlled with the LR Baggs system at your fingertips.
Tuners are solid, Grover styled. Steel truss rod hasn't needed adjustment. This is a solidly built guitar so you'll never have to worry about bridge lift -- the ultimate bane of 12 stringers. This guitar does not have a pick guard so I'm being very careful although the top finish appears quite durable. I will gig with it. This guitar is built for a stage and it has a lot of voice to show off.