Hot Hits, Cheap Demos: The Real World Guide To Music Business Success

by Nadine Condon

(2003) Backbeat Books #0879307625

Description Not only a "how to" but a "you can do it" book on making it in the music business, written by a proven and seasoned professional.
Posted By Michael Roberts (769)
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On 11/13/2003, Michael Roberts (769) posted:
Overall Rating:
The average "How To" book supplies information, but leaves motivation up to the reader. It assumes the reader is motivated enough by the simple fact that they are reading the book. But I found that Nadine Condon leaves nothing to chance in "Hot Hits, Cheap Demos", as she not only shares a wealth of insider tips from a prolific background in Rock & Roll promotions and artist development, but goes the extra step to diffuse the myths and misconceptions that often frustrate and ultimately de-motivate the aspiring artist, myself being one of them. My impression is that Nadine set out to affirm and encourage aspiring artists as much as to inform them.

On the INFORMATION side, Nadine's career has included working with Jefferson Starship, Melissa Ethridge and Smashmouth (just to name a few, there are many more). Plus, she regularly hosts a major showcase event in the San Francisco area that draws labels and record execs from all over to see new talent. Nadine knows her stuff. And she has the gold and platinum albums from grateful clients to prove it. She knows the business, the industry, the market, and she shares those insights abundantly.

Most of all, she knows artists--how they work, how they think, how they feel. It is that familiarity with artists that creates the MOTIVATIONAL aspect of the book. From the start, anyone who reads this will feel appreciated for whatever their current status and aspiration is in music. Whether they simply want to perform at the local open mic or take the nation by storm, they will find that Nadine is in their corner. She provides specific steps to take immediately to move beyond frustration and get to the process of making your dreams come true. I have already begun to put into practice some of the specific steps she recommends.

I appreciate the fact that "what is ultimate success" is left up to me, the reader, and Nadine's role is to simply help me get there, wherever "there" is. Her encouragement is inspiring and affirming, and her advice is proven, specific and do-able.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists