Roland Jv-1010

Made by Roland

Description Incredible sound from this synthesizer module. You could never imagine MIDI could sound this good. A must if you compose your music with midi drums and keyboard parts.
Posted By Bryan Morrison (9786)
Directory Equipment: Parts/Accessories
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Member Reviews

On 11/7/2003, Bryan Morrison (9786) posted:
Overall Rating:
I never regreted purchasing this synthesizer module. It does everything it is advertised for.
Price: $450.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
I make all my music at home. With this synthesizer I don't need a drummer or a keyboardist around to do my bidding. This unit together with Guitar Pro and Cool Edit Pro are a must for those who like to make their own music. As well as having support for General Midi (GM), it also has hundreds of patches you can mix and match for your own GM preset. you can also purchase expansion boards for it to increase your number of patches.
I use this by tabbing my music into Guitar Pro, then I export the tablature as midi. I then load up the midi in Cool Edit Pro, play the midi on one track and record it as wav into another. Then I play along with it and record my guitar in its own tracks. The only downside to this synthesize is that it doesn't have a USB plug to hook directly into a computer. It does have a midi out which can be plugged into some computers but mine doesn't have that type of jack. So I had to purchase a Midisport Midiman. The synthesizer plugs into the midiman, then the midiman plugs into the computer's usb port. Newer synthesizer modules have USB ports built right into them. This is roland's flagship module that all their other synthesizers are based on.
The synthesizer is constructed of solid steel. (possibly aluminum?) It's very tough and not likely to break unless you drop it on cement from at least 6 feet. I have never had a problem with it.