Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by ESP

Description A black neckthrough guitar from the ESP/LTD Deluxe series. Features an original floyd rose tremelo w/ locking nut, 24 frets, abalone aarowhead inlays, reversed headstock, 2 knobs (volume/tone), 3-way blade, black hardware, and two EMG-81 pickups.
Posted By Bubey Malik (118)
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On 1/29/2004, Bubey Malik (118) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar is a reason why LTD's are just as darn good as any American made guitar! This review posed the question that if this guitar was stolen, would I re=purchase it?-- OFCOURSE! Still haven't found another guitar within the $600-1400 (price of the M-1000 varies place to place) price range that suits the well-roundedness I need from the M-1000 -- and this is honesty, not bias. I will say this guitar is by far one of the most welcoming, comfortable guitars you will play in your life.
Price: $799.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Mars Music
I believe LTD's are made in Korea. Alder body and rosewood fingerboard. Neckthrough black. Active EMG-81's with battery pack in the back. A volume control and a tone control knob. Floyd Tremelo with whammy is great for going all out.
Great action, not too high not too low. The neckthrough provides such a comfortable feel, and the sleek design allows for a great grip either by the 15th-24th frets or great hand/thumb posture (upside the headstock) on the 1st-3rd notes for comfortable riffage. Its playability is versatile and fun. Flawless in respect to what the guitar is trying to accomplish.
Sound Quality:
I hook this up to a Marshall AVT-150H Fullstack and I get a tone that is out of this world. Brutal for riffing, gets real heavy - and screams for those into lead playing. I usually throw on a little bit of reverb for some leading but otherwise rarely use effects. I can find myself playing blues, classical, metal, and even folk-type fingerpicking! Its by far the most comfortable guitar I've played, and not because I've owned it for so long, but because it just feels so welcoming to play. The pickups are extremely quiet when you need them to be. Haven't got a chance to record or gig with it yet but will shortly. Modifications aren't necessary, this guitar is entirely set. The Clean tones may be the only feature that isnt necessarily a highlight. Neckthrough gives it excellent sustain overall though.
I've had one serious fall with it and it still plays fine. Being neckthrough, climate isn't usually something to be too concerned with. The only downside is changing strings on a floyd rose.