Chet Atkins In Three Dimensions Volume 1

by John McClellan

(2003) Mel Bay #0-7866-7045-2

Description This excellent tribute to the great Chet Atkins includes transcriptions of twenty-two pieces, including "Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)", "When You Wish Upon A Star" and "Stars and Stripes Forever".
Posted By Tom Cavanagh (2608)
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On 11/4/2003, Tom Cavanagh (2608) posted:
Overall Rating:
These arrangements of some of Chet Atkins' greatest pieces are challenging. When You Wish Upon a Star provides the greatest technical workout as the arrangement includes a generous dose of artificial harmonics, including a number of triad voicings which combine two regular fretted notes with one note of artificial harmonics. Vincent is a less difficult, but still very beautiful arrangement. The only drawbacks are the omission of Amazing Grace and no CD with performances of the tunes, which would have been helpful in learning the material.