Eat A Peach

by Allman Brothers Band

Description The Allman Brothers beautiful dedication to a lost brother.
Posted By Emily Burns (555)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 10/28/2003, Emily Burns (555) posted:
Overall Rating:
What can I say? The Allman Brothers are undoubtedly the fathers of Southern Rock, twin lead guitars, and onstage, extended jamming. This album has it all and more. Only a few tracks on here were done w/out Duane but the ones that were are absolute ecstasy to the ears. Mountain Jam is the only half an hour long instrumental that I can and want to listen to. I couldn't tell you many other bands that could pull that off, doing a half an hour long jam and keeping the listener's interest. The other two songs on the album that were recorded at the Fillmore, One Way Out and Trouble No More, just give you another taste of how incredible the band was live. I myself actually prefer the version of Trouble No More that's on here over the studio recorded version off of their debut album. Melissa is a dedication to Duane from Gregg (Gregg has said that he had the song around for some time before this album and Duane thought it was absolutley beautiful) and is one of the greatest songs in the Brother's catalog. Les Brers in A Minor is also a tribute to Duane (Les Brers means The Brothers) and is one of Dickey's finest instrumentals, taking your mind on a whirlwind journey all in just nine minutes. And last but not least, the last song on the album, Little Martha, marks Duane's first and last appearance as a song writer. But definitely has one of the most gorgeous melodies ever written, but also when you listen to it, it makes you sad because you can really begin to hear what Duane truly could've accomplished if he were alive.......

A definet must for Allmans fans and one of the most heartfelt and emotion packed goodbyes ever in rock history (if not THE greatest.)

Skydog forever......