All Things Must Pass

by George Harrison

Personnel Backing band is Jim Gordon, Bobby Whitfield, and Carl Radle, and Eric Clapton appears as well. Also Ginger Baker and Klaus Voorman play on som of the added material.
Description George Harrison's masterpiece.
Posted By Emily Burns (555)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 4/1/2004, Emily Burns (555) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is by far IMO, the greatest solo record by any of the Beatles. George had been saving it up all those years and when the Beatles finally split, boy did he just blossom as a songwriter, guitarist, and singer. This is definitely a must for any die hard Beatles fans. The album has some of the most beautiful melodies ever written on it: 'Behind that locked Door', 'I Live For You', 'Isn't it a Pity', 'All Things Must Pass' all those songs and the others on the album have such beautiful and mezmerizing just goes on and on. And the words to the songs are all so poetic and full of truth, in the sense that George's writing seems to portray social ideas or relationship ideals and the like in such a poetic/simplistic manner that makes the songs so much more intriguing to listen to. A good example would be the song Isn't it A Pity......."Isn't it a pity, now isn't it a shame, how we break each other's hearts, and cause each other pain, how we take each other's love w/out thinking anymore, forgetting to give back........" and the melody he puts behind those words just absoloutley makes you want to sob like a baby. This album is also a must for anyone who wants to know how to play real melodic slide guitar. This album was the true emergence of George Harrison as a slide guitarist but it sounds almost as if he'd been playing and perfecting the art of slide playing his whole life. Simply put, there is too much to be said about this album for me to type it all. So you'll just have to go pick up a copy for yourself and discover the 'real' George Harrison. One of my top ten albums.........thank you George for this marvelous album!
On 3/25/2004, Tom Callagy (1865) posted:
Overall Rating:
I agree that this is a good body of work by Harrison, I don't know about the best solo work by a Beatle, ( both McCartneys 1st one & Lennons 1st Plastic Ono Band, I feel are better). What a cast of musicians, Clapton, Russel, Preston, Badfinger, Radle, Gordon,Mason,etc. Could have been 2 records rather than 3, the jam disc is tedious, & if it had not been included I would say it is as good as Lennon & mcCartney's 1st's.
On 3/23/2004, Steven Loney (1000) posted:
Overall Rating:
Dear Emily, Thank you for your review!! Yes, All Things Must Pass was an amazing album to say the least. A lot of people won't buy it though the second they hear it is spiritual type music. People seem right scared of the topic, and saying it causes arguements i often just an excuse. I know this cause we all run from spirituality at some point because we figure we have to change, and people just want to be themselves. But what people miss from the message from his message is that we're supposed to be ourselves to the fullest but remember to use the gift of ourselves to serve others and a "God" if that person believes in one. Whether it's child like love, or father or mother love, or Krishna love, or Christ is love and it's never wrong but holds the power to do anything. His simple message is, Love one another." Because, "Love is all there is." Hope others can see the beauty in his music, not just because it sends a message of love but because it also sounds amazingly beautiful. Peace and Love. STeve