The Big Book Of Jazz Guitar Improvisation

by Mark Dziuba

(2003) Alfred #0-7390-3172-4

Description This book covers a number of advanced topics that will inspire jazz guitarists. Areas covered include guide tones, chromaticism, rhythmic motifs, phrasing, development and functional harmony.
Posted By Tom Cavanagh (2608)
Directory Books/Tab: Jazz
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On 10/21/2003, Tom Cavanagh (2608) posted:
Overall Rating:
There are many excellent jazz guitar books that present the basics of major scale and triad theory, modes, ii-V-I progressions, chord construction and creating solo lines. Dziuba's book covers more advanced soloing concepts (e.g. rhythmic motifs, chromaticism, functional harmony, guide tones) in a way that can be clearly understood. The excellent section on creating guide-tone lines stresses the importance of using 3rds, 7ths and altered 5ths to create melodic solo lines and imply smooth voice leading.
Suitable for advanced guitarists