Dillion DS100


Made by Dillion

Description Vintage Fat strat copy.Gorgeous maple/rosewood neck,solid chestnut sea foam green body,white pearl pickguard, floating tremolo, Alnico p/ups.
Posted By Frank Balash (12)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 10/15/2003, Frank Balash (12) posted:
Overall Rating:
I wanted an inexpensive strat type guitar and checked out Dean,Peavey,Squire,Mexican Fender,Ibanez,Ltd.I've owned vintage Fenders years ago and this feels and sounds as good,if not better for a fraction of the price!I daydream about the neck of this guitar, it has an amazing feel to it and the finish is unbelievable, especially at this price. This guitar is only $430 new! Dillions are tremendous values.They are made in small quantities and quality control is wonderful. Grab one before they become well known and the prices goes up!
Price: $210.00
Where Obtained: Ebay auction
Made in Korea,22 frets,6 strings,1 vol/2 tone/5 way switch,S/S/H,string thru body,non locking tuners
Excellent action,flawless neck and frets,the feel of this neck is unbelievabe.Intonation is great all the way up.Tuners work well and stays in tune even with trem use.Best strat copy I've seen, actually better than many USA Fender strats I've played! Very versatile sounds. It does it all. Quality control at Dillion is awesome.
Sound Quality:
Works for rock,blues,funk,anything.Only using practice amp at moment but I believe this guitar can do anything a Fender strat can do.Vibe is very vintage.Great bell-like tones plus a few.Pick ups are very quiet.I wouldn't change a thing!
Was previously used by a pro as a steady gigging guitar for over a year and still looks new and feels great.I think should hold up well.everything on this guitar is perfect.