Different Stages

by Rush

(1998) Atlantic #83122-2

Personnel Alex Lifeson - Guitars, Pedals Geddy Lee - Bass, Keyboards Neil Peart - Drums and Percussion
Description Rush's third live album. A 3-CD set that has that covers Rush's material from their debut album to the 1996 release - Test for Echo.
Posted By Randy Hano (12149)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 10/13/2003, Randy Hano (12149) posted:
Overall Rating:
Wow 3 recordings! Set one opens with "Dreamline", a modern day "Xanadu" type lick that just cooks. The nasty driving lick of "Driven" and ever changing meter tells you the Rush signature is still there. Set one closes with a nice treat of the side one classic of "2112". The funky tunes "Roll the Bones" and "Leave that Thing Alone" are great. It is nice to hear Geddy playing some funk bass. The greatest cut in this package (to me) is "Natural Science". One of Rush's finest - awesome song!!! For the classic Rush fan, the favorites are included, "Spirit of Radio", "Freewill", "Tom Sawyer", "YYZ" and "Limelight". But the biggest surprise will be set three. It was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1978 and contains your standard early Rush like "Bastille Day", "Xanadu", "Anthem", and the classic "Cygnus X-1". This 3-CD set is a great package for the consumate Rush fan!