Silvertone1485 1485

100W Combo

Made by Silvertone1485

Description Good tone LOUD powerful clean or has reverb
Posted By Thomas J. DeSantis (15)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 10/11/2003, Thomas J. DeSantis (15) posted:
Overall Rating:
I LOVE It tryed out many amps. marshall,crate,G.K.,Peeevee,jackstone & fender-If & when I find a compleat Danelectro 1485 I will buy it 4 A spare.Because I love mine so much!!!!!!!!!!
Model Year: 1963
Price: $375.00
Where Obtained: used bought from Orginal owner
I LOVE IT- Great as A Blues amp or 4 rock & or Jazz. Yes has foot switch. way powerful nuff. TUBES
Sound Quality:
Great Old TUBE Amp. made in Neptune N.J. By Danelectro In The (1960's) I am a Blues player.I use a Dan. Long horn
Ease of Use:
My best sounding amp yet.I love it altho I am looking to buy the proper Two 12"speaker cab. when I bought this amp it came with no speaker cab. So I use an old black face Fender. I am willing to trade my Black face Fender 2 -12" cab for a Good Danelectro 1485 twin 12 cab.Or can buy if one is for sale. with or with out the orig.Jensen 12" speakers.Thanks
So Far .Mine Still Has the orig. Tubes & tolex works PERFECT. Looks Good. made from REAL plywood not pressed board