Semantic Rhyming Dictionary

Description On-line rhyming dictionary you can use to help write poetry, song lyrics, and more.
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Member Reviews

On 9/16/2003, David Karl (357) posted:
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The new link is
On 9/15/2001, Alan Roberts (10065) posted:
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A necessary evil,just try not to end up sounding like Dr. Seuss after visiting this site.Honestly,it's a pretty cool site,but some of the rhymes it gives you back are just nonsense...
On 4/13/2000, Courtney Barnes (467) posted:
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Not what I expected, but this was an idea that I have had for a while. So I give it a 4
On 1/11/2000, Douglas Guignet (2323) posted:
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Great resource for finding the rhyme to that one special word. An essential tool for writing songs.