DigiTech RPX-400

Multi-Effects Floor Unit

Made by DigiTech

Description Mulit effect deck with recording capabilities and computer connectivity via USB connection
Posted By Brian McTernan (160)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 2/24/2005, Brian McTernan (160) posted:
Overall Rating:
This effect unit stood out due to it's great computer connectivity and quality recording. nothing i can think of at the moment that could make this thing better. SO GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW
Model Year: 2003
Price: $900.00 AU (new)
Where Obtained: Sieffs Music
This machine has every thing you'll ever need for that right sound. It has that many features, it's too hard to list them all. some included are flange, wah, yah, chorus, rotary, synthtalk, tremolo, panner, vibrato and whammy are just a few effects included with this puppy. It has all the connections: Balanced mic input with phantom power for studio condenser mics, left and right balanced speaker output (XLR), USB computer audio interface, cd monitor, headphones, 1/4 inch L/R inputs and guitar in. It has a drum machine packed with over 20 different loops with tempo control to jam, it has amp sims which sound incredible which include: Marshall JCM900, Crate Amps, Mesa Boogie, and more, 40 artist presets from Sevendust, Dan Donegan (Disturbed), Chad Kroeger (Nickel Back), Incubus and more, 40 user presets from chunky to acoustic sim, Comes with Pro Tracks recording software compliments of Cakewalk Studios, an expression pedal for all those wha's, pitch shifts and whammy dives, matrix display for easy visibility, and stomp pedals for hands free recording and FX shift. .......... Get it.
Sound Quality:
Each effect is different from the other,, if you dont like the effect, you can fine tune it and store it. I personally have s--- equipment, but with this unit i sound like a million bucks, i use the amp sims at home with headphones for this but it's still great. There is a cut-off point where when the strings aren't vibrating, there's no sound coming out. The drum's sound great and use of equalizer, you can get any sound you want.
Ease of Use:
The recording part on the computer is a handful to get at first but works great. If you read the manual, it's as easy as pie to get that sound you want. within a few weeks you'll have this thing set to a key.
Well, i wouldn't chuck it out the window. good sturdy metal body although the knobs are a little touchy. I had to return mine to get one fixed but thats cuz the knob was bent when i brought it home. but yeah,, should last forever with a little care. You all know how good digitech effects are huh?? this thing is suitable for playing live and gettin the chicks. (Yet to happen for me),,,,...