Description This is a site where unsigned bands can upload their music and sell their CDs. It's also a place for listeners to find new bands playing their type of music.
Posted By Tracy Hardy Johnson (11666)
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On 12/16/2004, James Wilmoth (5351) posted:
Overall Rating:
Soundclick is a great place to be if you are a musician with nowhere to put your music on the Great Online. It is easy to use, and uploading songs takes only a few minutes per. You can also "slurp" your songs to their server if you have them stored elsewhere on the net, and that works faster than uplaoding from your CPU. It's a great resource for storing AAT's as well.

Another Nifty feature is being able to see how many hits your songs get. It will total all hits for your band, or you can break it down by song if you like.

The initial approval after sign-up takes a day or so, but after that, it's all high speed, low drag.
On 1/16/2004, Bernardo Pires (4599) posted:
Overall Rating:
SoundClick is a very nice site, providing a place for unsigned artists (independent musicians) to make their music available. Nice place to find new bands. You can download or stream the MP3s, using your own mp3 player or downloading their custom MP3 player with Flash.
On 1/14/2004, Brian Salmons (39) posted:
Overall Rating:
This site is great for new bands/musicians. A fair number of people are over there, listening to upcoming bands, and giving advice too. It serves as a jump off point for bands looking for support.

It also has "charts" and users can vote for music/bands. This serves to generate even more hits for the band as people look to see what their music is like. In this way, bands can manage to get audiences without being signed or even anything more than a small highschool beginning band.

The only thing I'd say is bad about the site is it can be hard to get from one part to another within the site. If you are looking at a band, and want to look at another chart, it seems a twisted path.

I'd say, go there people, the more people, the more attention and support people can get who go there.
On 9/27/2003, Tracy Hardy Johnson (11666) posted:
Overall Rating:
SoundClick is geared to not only providing a space for unsigned artists to make their music available, but has a number of features to help artists promote their music. A band can have either a basic page for free or a premium page for a monthly fee that includes a lot of promotional help from the site. Fee-based services means that there much less obnoxious advertising on this site compared with some other independent music artist sites. Bands can list their music not only by genre but by "sounds like other bands." So if you're a fan of a particular band's style, as a listener you can search for new bands who are influenced by the same music you are.

The premium page for bands includes some nice Flash effects for the site as well as being included as a featured band on the site home page.

For a monthly fee, an artist can use the site to help sell their CDs.

MP3s can either be streamed or downloaded, depending on the preferences of the artist. You can use your own MP3 player on your computer or download their custom MP3 player with Flash that has added features such as lyrics.

This is a great way for listeners to get to hear new bands. You can contact the bands whose music interests you and get on their mailing list, or get the latest news about the band.

Technology has made it easy for anyone to create a CD or MP3. Because of that, there is probably a LOT of music here that is NOT worth listening to! But you can save the music you like in your my.soundclick and build a library of streaming music of the artists you prefer.

There is also a message board community at SoundClick with forums for both listeners and bands on many topics.

I'm new to SoundClick so I haven't explored all its possibilities in depth yet. So far I like what I see. It has good features for artists and seems easy to use.