Washburn BD 15 R

15W Combo

Made by Washburn

Description A great practice Amp. That sums up how this amp is. Especially for beginners,this amp rocks.
Posted By Adityo Pratomo (48)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 9/20/2003, Adityo Pratomo (48) posted:
Overall Rating:
Once again it's a great amp for practice,especially when you're a beginner. It has almost everything to give you a nice sound. But i rather choose to find another amp,just to give me more sounds.
Where Obtained: M&G Music
This amp has six knobs. One for the gain,one for the volum,three for the equalizer (treble,middle,bass) and one for the reverb. It also has one button for the overdrive effect. One input channel and one output channel. That's it. I mostly play metal/rock and it suits me well. In a simple sentence,a perfect friend for practice at home.
Sound Quality:
I play a Washburn BT 4 with a Zoom 707 II multi effects and it gives me just the sound that i want. But,at high volume it tends to lose it's great clean sound, but you can still adjust it to give you the perfect sound. It's reverb also sometimes bothers me,but again adjust it a little and you'll be just fine.
Ease of Use:
It doesn't take that long to find a perfect sound. Just play alittle with the knob and that's all.
I've used it for two years and i still find it perfect for me. Nice.