ZOOM 707 II Multi-Effects Pedal

Multi-Effects Pedal

Made by ZOOM

Description Great effect. Many sounds. 60 preset and 60 user-made sounds. It has an expression pedal too. It also has VAMS (virtual amp model system) so that you can change the sound by turning a "drive" knob. Many effects available.
Posted By Adityo Pratomo (48)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 9/19/2003, Adityo Pratomo (48) posted:
Overall Rating:
This effect is great. Many killer sounds are waiting tobe unearthed. The only boundaries is that sometimes it takes long enough to create the sound that you want. But overall,it's great. (mind the small expression pedal)
Model Year: 2002
Where Obtained: M&G Music
It has four knobs. Three for adjusting an effect parameter,and one knob known as the "drive" knobs allows an easy sound change of an effect (e.g. clean,overdrive, metal). You can also edit the sound of an effects through buttons available under the LED. It is powered by an AC adapter or a battery (i never use the battery though). It also has an expression pedal,but too bad,it has a small movement range. A drum machine is also available.
Sound Quality:
I use it with a Washburn BD 15 amp,and it sounds quite nice. When i took it for a gig it also sounds nice. But you need too re-edit some sounds to make it better,like acoustic and the 12 string. The 7 string sound also needs a minor adjustment. Some effects that i love are:jet,wind, thrills, step, and fusion. And those effects,sound superior.
Ease of Use:
This unit is editable. By pressing the edit button and choose some patches you can edit a effect. It's not too easy though,since you have too push some buttons continuously to have the sound that you want. But once you used to,it's not too tough too.
This effect is so light,and small enough to be carried anywhere. But,too bad that since it's made from a plastic,it's not as strong as those effects made of metal.