Metallica S & M

by Metallica

Personnel This is nothing new in terms of rock and classical getting together but it is pure magic because this works so well.
Description Metal meets symphonic in a superbly fluid amalgam that just works on all levels. If you have never heard this beg or borrow it, if you can get the vide/DVD then watch it. It really is sublime.
Posted By Ewen Allardyce (37)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 12/8/2004, Keith Deuser (2686) posted:
Overall Rating:
It's as if Metallica was MEANT to be played with an orchestra!! I can't recall the guys name that conducted and wrote the orchestral background (that's stretching the truth, since the orchestra had such a huge part), but he did a darn good job. Metallica raised the bar by releasing this incredible live album, and it turned out probably a lot better than anyone expected it too.
On 9/13/2003, Ewen Allardyce (37) posted:
Overall Rating:
The work of Metallica and Kamen (conducting) works because of the respect and professional approach to this body of work. It is still vibrantly heavy but the ochestra gives it something magical. Listen to the crowd they are loving it and you get this feel from the band and the San Fransisco symphony. If you can watch the DVD/Video you can see everyone totally invovled and enjoying themselves.