Blackwater Park

by Opeth

(2001) Zomba Music Ltd.

Description A masterpiece album with a blend of melodic death metal, acoustic, classical, rock and more.
Posted By Taylor Carr (185)
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On 9/5/2003, Taylor Carr (185) posted:
Overall Rating:
This was the album that got me into Opeth. The band definitely features some of their most complex and talented work on this disc. Flowing beautifully from melodic classical guitar into a frenzy of heavy metal guitar and drums, this album could be put with the pioneering geniuses of classics like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. Opeth holds nothing back as they wonderfully deliver about 70 minutes of incredible music. Highlights of the album are "The Drapery Falls", "Patterns in the Ivy", "Dirge for November", "Bleak" and "Blackwater Park".