Hohner HG320

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Hohner

Description This handcrafted 14 fret guitar was produced for Hohner in Japan during the late 1970's. Imagine the look of a Martin D45 with a D35 three piece back. It features a solid spruce top with solid rosewood back and sides.
Posted By Edward Berg (109)
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Member Reviews

On 1/20/2005, Edward Berg (109) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar has gone to numerous jam sessions and been played by players of very expensive guitars. They all have the same response when first playing it: "Wow, what a happy guitar!" Unfortunetly, as a Hohner, it has very little collectable value, so I could never sell it for what it is worth as "a player". For this reason, this guitar will remain in my collection forever. I truely believe, in a blindfolded test, this guitar would hold its own against many guitars in the $2000.00-$3000.00 range. Definitely the find of a lifetime. I have never seen another one, in the five years I've had it, but I have met another person who also owns one, and his feelings mirror mine. Oh, and by the way, the $219.00 included a brand new hardshell case, so the guitar actually only cost me about $140.00! You can check out my WholeNote homepage for a picture of this gem.
Model Year: 1978
Price: $219.00
Where Obtained: Georges Music
The v-shaped neck appears to be mahogany with a bound rosewood fretboard and a "diamond" behind the peghead. The entire guitar, front back, sides, neck, heelcap, endpiece and peghead feature w/b/w binding with the top, sides, and endpiece featureing faux MOP. The rosette is also D45 style. The three piece back is divided by t D45 style strips. A rosewood bridge and tortoise shell pickgaurd complete this guitar. The fret work on this guitar is extremely clean, no jagged edges.
When I first saw this guitar from across the shop, I thought it was a Martin D45. While it may not be a D45, it plays better than most guitars selling for as much as 10 times what I paid for this gem. It's action was initially a little stiff but after haveing it adjusted by my teacher at the time it plays "like butter".
Sound Quality:
The sound is not extremely loud, but it projects very well w/ good sustain. Unlike most $200.00 guitars, it plays cleanly and with good sustain all the way up the neck to the 20th fret.
The guitar is very well constructed. If you look inside you can tell it was consructed with care, as there is no excess glue and all woodwork is very clean. My only complaint is, as was common in Japanese made guitars of this era, its laquer could be just a tad bit thinner.