"Guitar Lore"

by Dennis Sandole

(1976) Dennis Sandole Publications

Description "Guitar Lore" by the late master Dennis Sandole is mandatory study for the serious guitarist or really any serious musician. He not only covers various guitar techniques, but theory, harmonization, and scales that are found no where else.
Posted By John Trallo (30)
Directory Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals
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On 8/29/2003, John Trallo (30) posted:
Overall Rating:
If there is a such thing as a Musicians Bible, this is it! I had the privilage to study with the late Dennis Sandole, and though he is no longer with us, he has left us his legacy of musical knowledge, experience, and originality in his book (Guitar Lore). My advice to all ... find it, buy it, study it, then study it again. It is arguably the best guitar/theory/improvisational book ever published.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists