George L's Guitar Cords

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Description These are Guitar cords I saw reviewed in GP mag. Available through any web based music supply. Quick connect plugs, customizable to length.
Posted By Randy Evans (6450)
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Member Reviews

On 11/14/2005, Redmond Militante (957) posted:
Overall Rating:

-most high quality patch cable on the market, i noticed a marked improvement in my signal the minute i switched these puppies in
Price: $60.00 (new)
Where Obtained: eBay

-i bought the a 5 cable / cable making kit off of eBay, i found it useful being able to cut my own wire the exact length i needed
-it's tricky getting used to cutting the cables at first, you have to cut perfectly straight down with no frayed edges, after a while it is a tiring but simple process depending on the size of your setup (in my case, i had a lot of cutting to do)

-very reliable, this is pretty much the best cable you can get
On 8/20/2003, Randy Evans (6450) posted:
Overall Rating:
Have tried every cord on the market, noting how they all color or muffle my sound!! I had been using some pink Pro-Cos from the mid 80's as these had the best sound around, until I got my George L's
Price: $20.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend
There is a marked increase in frequency throughput offered with these cords. Using a Strat, I noticed a decent gain improvement, but mostly crisp hi and mids, along with perfect bass sounds.
So far have used the George L's for 1 year with 0 malfunctions, etc. High quality components, great wire, time saving no solder connection!!