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Posted By Taylor Carr (185)
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On 8/19/2003, Taylor Carr (185) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love the magazine, GW is perhaps the best guitarist magazine. But the site was not what I would expect from such a successful company. It sucks, it looks ugly from the homepage and on through. The worst part that got me was the forums, and there's so many people there. You'd think that GW could do better than a boring, bland black & white text-only forum. You'd think, but you'd be wrong. The GW site needs some major webmastering work, especially at the forums. It also needs to ban more of the members who openly defy all the rules at their forums. Looks like the most chaotic music forum I've ever seen. I used to go to the GW forums, but due to the overwhelming amount of immaturity and website incompetence I was met with, I will not return. Its hardly worth it to open the site in your browser. Get the magazine, skip the website.