Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+

100W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Mesa/Boogie

Description Mesa Boogie's classic and pinnacle achievement in tone, manufactured between 1983 and 1985, these amps came in many different variants and was the last of the Mark II series.
Posted By Theresa Dobbs (3289)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 12/18/2005, Theresa Dobbs (3289) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is truly a remarkable amplifier that has earned the reputation of being one of the finest amps produced by Mesa Boogie. There is nothing that can improve this amp nor aything that is lacking. I am extremely impressed with the tonality and responsiveness of the amp. I can not begin to express how amazing this amp enhances a performance. Like many amps, the variable elements that come together to produce the sounds that a particular amp has, have come together inextricably to form a masterpiece.
Model Year: 1984
Price: $2100.00
Where Obtained: Private Sale
The Mark IIC+ was the last of the Mark II series and featured a more sensitive (i.e. useful) lead channel and, more importantly, an improved circuitry in the effects loop. Unlike earlier Mark II models, pedals could be used without the amp's signal overloading their inputs. Has switching via push-pots or footswitch between clean and lead channels, a switchable effects loop and Hammond reverb tank.
Sound Quality:
This is "the" two channel amp that boasts the "chimey" cleans with bell-like clarity and focus. The overdrive channel is smooth and thick. With definition and clarity, it is highly focused when played with a guitar outfitted with high gain pickups. For comparison and benchmark sake, I used a Tom Anderson Drop Top with an H3 pickup in the bridge position. The center and neck pickups were SK1 and SK1R's. An extension cabinet with an EV-12L was also installed. The combo cabinet is a hardwood (Imbuya) with an EV-12L installed as well. The most important and qualifying component in this amp are the tubes. I have a quad matched set of Philips STR-6L6GC dual getter NOS tubes installed and they really are well matched to the amp. Preamp tubes are standard Mesa 12AX7's .
Ease of Use:
Dialing in the "sweet spot" requires getting to know the amp and really working with it. The front-end changes with what guitar is plugged in and radically alters it's personality. Some guitars will sound absolutely magical compared to others. I found this amp really likes to be hit hard with a hot input. Rolling off the volume on the guitar causes the amp to clean up and exhibits added dimensions and qualities. Quite a versatile amp with a myrid of possibilities once you get an understanding of the inter-dependency of the gain structures.
Mesa Boogie has had a reputation for building extremely reliable equipment. This particular piece has no evidence of failure in it's 20 year life span. Apart from routine maintenance (replacement of tubes) the amp has exhibited the standard Boogie reliablity. The fact that the amp was cared for by it's previous owner also lends itself to the trouble-free operation of this amp. Of course these amps are built to last.