by Pavlo

(1998) Holborne #not sure

Personnel This is a very interesting album for listening. Very unique indeed!
Description "In this captivating collection of compositions, you will find masterful guitar work with influinces and techinques from Flamenco, Latin, classical, and Mediterranean music."
Posted By Steven Loney (1000)
Directory Recordings: Flamenco
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On 7/28/2003, Steven Loney (1000) posted:
Overall Rating:
I haven't heard anything else by this artist so I can't say how it would measure up to other albums. I don't try and compare albums anyways. The only thing that could've been different about this album is the order of the songs. They could've been organized a bit better to suit the coming of the next song...but that's my opinion. If it sounds great to someone else, awesome!! I love all the different instruments that are on this album along with the guitar. It gives it a very European type sound, and also captures progressions of the Wester world. The music is very well put together. The guitar playing on it is very awesome and one thing I want to tell teachers is that it is very great to use to help teach students lead guitar. It is very suitable music to lay down other lead works to. I took it into my music teacher when I used to take lessons and we used it a lot. Now as a teacher, I'm going to be using this cd with some of my students when teaching them lead guitar. The styles of music capture one sound, but still vary and are great for learning lead guitar. Enjoy!!