Invention Album By Keaggy, King, And Dente

by Phil Keaggy, Wes King, Scott Dente

(1997) Sparrow #unsure

Personnel This is a great album done by 3 very fine musicians. I enjoy it very very very much.
Description This is a recording that takes on a mixed sound. It has some pieces that take on an alternative type sound. The acoustic pieces are almost a classical and flamenco type guitar.
Posted By Steven Loney (1000)
Directory Recordings: Christian
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On 7/28/2003, Steven Loney (1000) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is the only album that Phil Keaggy, Wes King, and Scott Dente have done together as far as I know. It is 100% of what I expected from these guys. And I wasn't disappointed at all. I love everything about this album and I don't think that anyone could find anything wrong with it. Someone may not like it though if it doesn't fit their musical tastes. There is some amazing guitar playing on this album. The guitar parts are welcome composed and well put together. The piece called the Quote Jester is a really amazing piece, and a delight and eye opener everytime it is listened to. For Christians, all I can say is, use this album to help witness to people. People are amazed when they hear this album. They can't believe that Christian music can be as good as anything else, and this album prooves that it is.