Description Information for unsigned artists on how to get a record deal, get published, and get noticed.
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On 1/4/2001, Chris Turner (205) posted:
Overall Rating: is a resource of great interest to those looking for information on how to break into the music industry. It was great fun to use, due to the sheer wealth of material available, which, much like WholeNote, is often submitted by its members.

As well as the content, its accessibility is a major winner for me. All topics are clearly presented, and well laid-out, which means that you don't need to be a cyber-geek as well as a guitarist! The only thing that annoyed me on this site was the sheer number of adverts - on both sides *and* at the top. This doesn't detract too much from the overall experience, but I always find banner adverts irritating. Still, the site has to be paid for somehow, eh?

I coud spend forever, reading at, and it can certainly offer you advice that you won't find in any books. Featuring special interviews with established bands, and up-and-coming groups, this resource promises to grow into a large community of like-minded guitarists who are serious about the music industry.

The only thing this site lacks is a guarantee of a label!