Kay Vintage 335 Clone

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Kay

Description Well, it is what it is.... A 335 look alike, and for the money I couldn't be happier. It distorts at high volume which is just what I wanted. The work is very nice and the vintage trim color is cool as I like old guitars.
Posted By Dick Reed (1927)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 7/27/2003, Dick Reed (1927) posted:
Overall Rating:
I choose this guitar as I have seen it in the store for 4 years and finally said to the owner, ( a friend of mine) you should let this thing go and give it a home so we struck up a deal and away I went. I would buy this guitar again, but I wouldn't more than 200. for it. I love the hollow body sound, but I haven't played enough hollow bodies to be and expert. Seems like they have sold out and it is somewhat hard to get info about the guitar but they did finally get back to me with answers to questions I had. Great guitar for the money, I paid 225 but got a hard shell case also as I know the owner of the store and we help each other from time to time. The guitar was listed for 399. and I would not pay that much for this guitar.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $225.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Russ Larson Music Somers Mt
It has two pickups, and a volume and tone for each. My only complaint is that the neck pickup and controls are on the bottom and the bridge is on the top side so as you may invision when playing I would normally go for the neck position on an upward pick or strum and in this case I would have to swing down , but hey I can learn a new approach. It stays in tune very well which kind of surprised me. The finish id good and it plays really good. The neck is very thin which is what I like, and the sound has good range between the 2 pickups. I have a Les Paul custom and I actually play this Kay more than the LP.... Crazy eh??
Sound Quality:
I play through a 70 fender twin and a 65 gibson falcon. It has a very full rich sound, I play blues and thats about it. All my other guitars are solid bodies, they are, 2 strats a tele and the LP. So you can see that I like nice guitars.