100 Graded Classical Guitar Studies

by Frederick Noad

(1985) Amsco #0-7119-0612-2

Description Musical studies chosen from the works of three major composers: Sor, Giuliani, and Carcassi.
Posted By Jason Vickers (1415)
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On 7/22/2003, Jason Vickers (1415) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book, in standard notation, features a total of 100 pieces from three composers: Sor, Giuliani, and Carcassi.

Each piece, or study, begins with a short section addressing overall details in the piece such as tempo, feeling, scales used in the selection, as well as other details and opinions.

The book begins with relatively simple pieces and progresses in difficulty. Different techniques, such as tremelo, ligado/slurs, and different strokes, as a wide variety of key signatures are addressed.

It's a process book, not a "song" book, designed to assist a guitarist in his/her musical development.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists