Boss TU-6 Guitar Tuner

Made by Boss

Description Guitar and bass tuner
Posted By John Hodges (1645)
Directory Equipment: Parts/Accessories
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On 7/19/2003, John Hodges (1645) posted:
Overall Rating:
I suppose this tuner is okay. Although I'm not into electronic tuners (I'm a firm believer in tuning by ear after getting just a 440 A), it is fairly accurate. It's pretty easy to use because you don't have to wait for the string to stop vibrating like some, you can just keep hitting it as you tune and it adjusts accordingly. The battery meter might come in handy. But i really don't like it's construction, seems too flimsy. I also don't like that you can really only tune it to the standard 6 guitar and 4 bass strings. It's not like other tuners that just tune an E, so you can tune whatever you want to whatever E, it tunes the particular one you have it set to. So you can't even fudge alternate tunings with this thing. You can do a lot better for your money. But since i do most things by ear and only use this for recording, i suppose it's no biggie...
Price: $30.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Sam Ash
This boss tuner comes with a guitar in and out, as well as a microphone to tune accoustics. It has a battery meter, bass/guitar switch, and string selector switch. You can select one of the four standard bass string tunings or 6 standard guitar tunings. Although you can still do alternate tunings by adjusting the pitch so that the needle points the appropriate amount sharp or flat on the Hz scale, it's unfortunate that there's no setting to change it otherwise. It's also tough if you play a five string bass...
I use this for just recording, i wouldn't play live with it, although i suppose you could since it has a guitar in and out. Just hook it up on the way to the amp. Boss makes some good quality stuff, but i don't think this could be listed among the rest, it's a pretty shaky construction.