Elixer Electric Light Strings (polyweb)

Made by Elixer

Description Great tone - long life
Posted By John Hodges (1645)
Directory Equipment: Strings
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Member Reviews

On 7/10/2003, John Hodges (1645) posted:
Overall Rating:
These strings are excellent. they used to be tight on my budget since i change electric strings pretty often, but with their longer lasting coating i actually don't need to change them nearly as often, and CARVIN.COM makes them very affordable. They're 5$ cheaper than sam ash and 10$ off the list price. play with them for a month and see what i mean.
Price: $10.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Carvin
These strings are "light" according to elixer, but pretty much a medium grade with any other brand. .010-.046. Ball end, polyweb plastic coating.
Sound Quality:
I use these strings on my Carvin DC127, and play everything from rock to worship on it. It provides great tone for whatever I play. I must say, since i change strings a lot, i tried playing on a Blue Steel pack again after using these elixers, and the sound was profoundly thinner and less pleasent to play on. The tone is very rich.
These strings last longer than most of the electric packs i've used before. The slick coating stays on longer than most of the other strings i've tested out, and they stay consistent throughout. Rarely every any deadspots.