Elixer Light Accoustic Strings (nanoweb)

Made by Elixer

Description Great tone - long life
Posted By John Hodges (1645)
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On 7/10/2003, John Hodges (1645) posted:
Overall Rating:
These strings do last for a long time, however, if they are ever given HEAVY usage (for instance, 5+ hours in a single day without being wiped down), the plastic coating over your most used frets can wear off. This creates a lot of inconsistency going from one fret to another since your finger sticks to the bare spots. I don't reccomend these strings as "practice" strings (in other words, strings that you will be learning new songs on, practicing for hours at a time, playing the same things over and over, the plastic doesn't last that long under this kind of use). However, if you're just going to be practicing a variety of songs on it and using it for performance, they are an excellent choice.

P.S. BUY FROM CARVIN.COM, they're 4 dollars cheaper than Sam Ash and 8-9 dollars cheaper than the list price!
Price: $12.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Carvin
These ball-end accoustic strings have a "nano web" coating to make it extra slick and give it that long life Elixer is reknown for. The guage is .012-.053
Sound Quality:
I use these strings with my Ibanez JX70, and use them for music from folk to worship to rock. It suits them all fairly well. I was looking for ways to get a better tone from my accoustic, (formerly using Martin SP lights which i also reccomend for a few dollars cheaper), and the elixers provided just what i needed. They especially brighten the high tones (which is good for me because i do a lot of lead work), but even found the strings to give me a full sound from all the ranges. I coudln't believe the change in fullness of tone my guitar went through after changing strings.
The strings are highly reliable, and still I have yet to break them. They do last for a very long time, and stay slick and bright for a months.