Guitare Classique

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Description This is a trimestral magazine in french, mainly dedicated to classical guitar.
Posted By Antonio Rosa (6847)
Directory Books/Tab: Classical
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On 7/9/2003, Antonio Rosa (6847) posted:
Overall Rating:
The magazine is very well strutured, with graduated music for all levels (3 cycles, with 3 years in each cycle).It's written in french. Some articles about technique, the usual publication reviews,etc. It comes with a CD. Most music is for classical guitar, with standard notation and tab (tab notation in classical music is one of the most attractive aspects for me). It has a section, Acoustic Caf, with flamenco, ragtime, bossa, blues, folk, picking and improvisation. Some songs with lyrics in a small booklet. It's a very good magazine, wish I had it when I was studying classical guitar. Another aspect I like particularly is the backing tracks with both guitars for duets, or the orchestra part in pieces for guitar and orchestra! Excellent.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists