Fender E 961175

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description The neck on this guitar is all woodgrain, and the fretboard shows the grain as well. The body is the standard Strat build. It's colour is red, and it has a white pickguard.
Posted By Steven Loney (1000)
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On 7/8/2003, Steven Loney (1000) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall I like this guitar very much! I'm have many guitars, but this one means the most. Mostly because it was my first. It means a lot and I would keep it for just about anything offered in its place.
Price: $230.00 Canadian
Where Obtained: Hock Shop
The strings on this guitar are nice and close to the neck. They are close to the neck, and you still you don't get annoying buzzing from a string hitting the frets. It is standard built Squire Strat. There is nothing special about it's build or features. The fretboard isn't black, but just the wood, which has been nicely stained.
Every guitar has it's own feel, except for Squires. The mainly all feel the same. Don't get me wrong I can play well on it, and it is a good play, but I've played guitars that I like the feel of much better. This is a very good blues guitar, but not the greatest for anything heavy.
Sound Quality:
You can get a very nice blues, and jazz sound out of this guitar. However, for anything heavier, it doesn't produce that great of a sound. I use a Marshall amp, that is all round great amp that can procuce many great types of sounds for different types of music. However, a friend of mine hooked up his Washburn guitar to it to play some metal and the sound produced was much nicer, and a lot heavier. This guitar is a stage guitar. I would want something a lot better quality for the studio. Something with a richer sound all together.
The truss-rod has only been adjusted once, and that was just after purchase. The guitar stays in tune fairly well, and the controls and straplocks are holding up well. It has a very strong body. It has been dropped a couple times by some careless people on hard cement, and the tiny little crack in the body didn't enlarge at all. I'm very pleased with the strength of it!